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One thing to note, however, is that shyness Replica Michael Kors Handbagswas correlated with two types of romantic styles: "storge" (affectionate love that develops from friendship) and mania (the obsessive, possessive kind of love that creepy people express by secretly collecting hair samples). So just Michael Kors outlet keep in mind that if you fall into the shy camp and one day you happen to find yourself branding your betrothed's name onto your neck, it may be time to start reconsidering your views on love.

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Never heard of it? Well, it's a personalityMichael Kors trait characterized by sensitivity to stimuli of any kind, including social and emotional cues. If you're shy, there's a good Replica Michael Kors Handbags chance you have it, and SPS is fucking awesome. Individuals with SPS report having richer, more complex inner lives than others, and are better equipped to notice subtleties in their environment.

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Studies have found that SPS and the personality Cheap Michael Korstraits closely linked to it (which are, for the record, shyness, behavioral inhibition, and introversion) are correlated with a whole laundry list of effects that sound increasingly like the definition of spider sense as you check them Michael Kors from china off: greater awareness of subtle stimuli, more attentional vigilance, and greater sensory reactivity.

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More importantly, scientists decided to chuckMichael Kors outlet some heads into an fMRI machine while their owners performed visual and attention based tests. Results: The cheap Michael Kors outlet brains belonging to people with SPS showed far greater activity than anyone else's in a whole bunch of areas involved with high order visual processing.

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